Artwork of the Week – Lynn Parotti

Liverpool artwork of the week 2010-39. ‘The Space Between Want’ by Lynn Parotti in Three Moments, the Caribbean Pavilion, CityStates at the Contemporary Urban Centre 18 September – 28 November 2010

I have not seen all the CityStates pavilions in CUC yet but thought the Caribbean section on the 3rd floor was excellent, thought-provoking stuff. Some of it responding to Liverpool and its historic links with the Caribbean.

‘The Space Between Want’ is an installation signifying layers or interpretations of history from differing perspectives. There is an inconsistency of representation and of history. Three Moments are symbolized by three aspects of Bahamian attitude towards life: Caribbean sweet sex, worship and the desire for wealth, painted solidly in oils on canvas. Upside-down reflections of dock quays refer to Imperialist industry, shipping and finance and are painted on glass which is suspended in the centre of the space using shackles and chain. Composite perceptions are reflected back through the mirror. The sugar serves to restrict the spaces whilst pointing to the historical and commercial linkage between the city states.

Composed of five paintings, a large mirror, and lines of sugar

Oil on Canvas, 165 x 230 cm
Roadside Valentine Gift Baskets, Nassau, Bahamas
Abandoned Anglican Church, Long Island, Bahamas
Haitian Migrant Worker Cleaning Flip-Flops, Inagua, Bahamas

Oil on Glass, 175 x 240cm
West India Docks, Canary Wharf Financial District, London, England
Seaforth Docks, Liverpool, England

Three Moments
In Stuart Hallʼs essay ʻModernity and Its Others: Three “Moments” In The Post-war History of the Black Diaspora Artsʼ, he revisits modernity through three  historical art movements from the perspective of the Diaspora. In this exhibition, three moments become symbolized by three Caribbean islands; The Bahamas, Martinique and Barbados – ten artists selected on their ability to make work that responds to contemporary and historical global themes. For the first time artists from the Caribbean region are collectively making new work that responds to the city of  Liverpool while maintaining a distinctive stance on what Stuart Hall might call a 21st-century Caribbean modernist aesthetic. Three Moments is selected and curated by Dominique Brebion (Martinique), Alissandra Cummins (Barbados), David A. Bailey (London, Acting Director National Art Gallery of the Bahamas), Holly Parotti (Bahamas) and Allison
Thompson (Barbados) in collaboration with the ICF (International Curatorsʼ Forum).