Artwork of the Week – Lorena Kloosterboer

Sapphire Blue. c. Lorena Kloosterboer


Liverpool artwork of the week 2009-40. ‘Sapphire Blue’ by Lorena Kloosterboer in National Acrylic Painters’ Association exhibition at View Two. 3 Sept – 24 Oct 2009

This excellent annual exhibition of acrylic painting ends soon. It’s well worth a visit, this is one of several really good paintings and was awarded the Winsor and Newton Prize 2009.

You can see more of the artwork from the exhibition on the NAPA website

Dutch-Argentine artist Lorena Kloosterboer (b. 1962) focuses on trompe l’oeil and photorealism. Both styles allow her to go back and forth between sharply focused close-ups and intricate life-sized compositions.

Symbolism often infuses Lorena’s artwork with what is, to this artist, an essential freedom of expression. This allows her to convey thoughts and beliefs, while seeking to capture those fleeting moments, when light is just perfect, when colors and shadows, reflections and textures unite in visual poetry.

It is a commonly accepted myth that painting realism is mere replication, imitation. To Lorena, painting is about making choices – both regarding the use of technical skills as well as the compositional challenges to create a piece which is noteworthy. Throughout the creative process Lorena synthesizes the composition into an ideal reality of her own.

During the past twenty-five years Lorena’s artwork has been exhibited in 10 countries, and has been published in several books, museum catalogs, and many international art magazines. Her paintings, drawings, and sculptures reside in numerous collections around the world. Lorena is especially pleased that five of her bronze statues enjoy permanent public installation in the Netherlands.

Lorena Kloosterboer currently lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.

‘Sapphire Blue’ Catalogue No. 47

This graceful photorealistic close-up of several glass & silver objects from the artist’s collection presents a theatrical impression of abstract reflections dancing on gleaming surfaces. Realism is the glorious confluence of lowly abstract elements joined together to form a recognizable end result.

NAPA Annual Exhibition 2009 at View Two Gallery
3 September – 24 October 2009

NAPA (National Acrylic Painters’ Association) was founded on Merseyside 25 years ago. Membership is national and international. Artists from England, Brazil, Portugal and Belgium will be represented in the show.


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