Artwork of the Week – Laurence Payot


Liverpool artwork of the week 41. ‘Re-Presentation’ by Laurence Payot at the New Slaughterhouse 24 October – 26 November 2008

A clever idea, beautifully executed, public art in a gallery window. Its a mirror image of the scene directly opposite the gallery.

Re-Presentation is a site-specific installation by French artist Laurence Payot at The New Slaughterhouse gallery in Garston, and the result of an ongoing and intricate examination into the conventions of landscape, a subject deeply rooted in art history. Responding directly to the gallery setting, Payot will ‘re-present’ the view that is seen whilst looking out of the gallery windows and across the street, reflecting this back into the space from which it can be seen.

Neighbourhoods like Garston, out of the city have been affected greatly by the influx of money seemingly pumped into the centre of Liverpool, which in turn has diverted custom and commerce away from local businesses. Abandoned buildings and deserted streets are not an uncommon sight, and areas previously at the heart of the community are becoming more like ghost towns, vacantly sat waiting for life. The boards that now cover the windows and doors of these buildings conceal the histories that lay within; façades disguising what is actually there.