Artwork of the Week – Kim Harley

Liverpool artwork of the week 2010-35. ‘Portrait of Peter Cameron’ gouache on board by Kim Harley at The Gallery Liverpool 28 August – 10 September 2010

The current exhibition at The Gallery features works by the artists based in the nearby Elevator artist studios in the Elevator building. It’s a really good show with a few artists whose work I haven’t seen much of before because although they are based here they may exhibit elsewhere or may do a lot of commissioned work which the public never see.

Kim is one such artist, she is a long established commercial painter and illustrator and also teaches art and design but I don’t recall seeing her work before. She has a couple of portraits in the show including this one of fellow studio member Peter Cameron.

There is of course a lot of other excellent art in the exhibition – well worth a visit.

The Elevator Artists collective
at The Gallery Liverpool, Stanhope St
28 August – 10 September 2010
Art Exhibition by the Elevator Artists collective. Richard Ashworth, Vincent Lavell, Steve Best, Chekhuo Leung, Jacqueline McKenzie, Freida McKitrick, Peter Cameron,  Bill Embery, Charlie Frais, Kim Harley, Ken Bullock, Frank Moore, Steve Strode, Lindsey Moran, Emma Newman, Emma Sumner, Marianna Whitehorn, Daniel John, Dave Garnett