Artwork of the Week – Kate McLean


Liverpool artwork of the week 18. ‘rue Denovez, 20e, 2007’ by Kate McLean in ‘The Other Side of Paris’ at Domino Gallery April 30 to June 14 2008

There are, I think, 35 photographs in the exhibition and this is one of only 2 or 3 in colour and all but 2 (Liverpool scenes) are photographs of Paris. The other side of Paris, that is, meaning the parts you don’t see in the tourist guides, magazines etc. The Eiffel Tower does appear but not from the usual perspective – a bit like our own Cathedrals, they sometimes seem to suddenly appear in view when you don’t expect them to.

I like these images because they are not standard pictures of scenes, they are playful and arty, capturing bits or details of scenes at unusual angles and in interesting light.

Also McLean gets extra bonus points for being well organised, having sent us all relevant information and images well in advance and even creating a dedicated website for the exhibition.
Domino Gallery