Artwork of the Week – Julius von Bismarck

Liverpool artwork of the week 2010-25. ‘The Space Beyond Me’ (2010) by Julius von Bismarck in Persistance of Vision at FACT, 18 June – 30 August 2010

A lot to see and interact with in this new exhibition at FACT.

Premiered at this year’s Berlin transmediale festival, von Bismarck’s large-scale installation takes the form of a 16mm camera converted into a projector. The device stands on a tripod in the centre of a circular room, rotating and projecting images from old film rolls onto walls painted with phosphorescent paint. The past is projected into the present as an ephemeral image which fades from view like a fleeting memory.

Persistence of Vision 18 June – 30 August 2010
How does memory influence what we see? What part does technology play in shaping both how we see and what we remember? Informed by scientific research and inspired by historical developments in media technology, FACT presents a new exhibition exploring the relationship between vision, memory and media.

Persistence of Vision brings together the multimedia work of eight contemporary artists that repurpose image technologies, such as cameras, slide projectors, magnifying glasses and mirrors, to playfully review and re-imagine how our memories are stored and revived.


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