Artwork of the Week – James Quin

c. James Quin


Liverpool artwork of the week 2009-31. ‘Transcendental farewell at the end of time’ by James Quin in ‘Revolver’ at The Lost Soul and Stranger Service Station 6 – 19 August 2009

‘Revolver’ is a series of 4 solo shows by local painters, its curated by James Quin and starts with his own work. Its a very interesting show, do take a look. I like the ‘Dead Painters’ series and the small paintings using the backs of old hardback books but this is one of our favourites.

James says

“The painting depicts either a bear or a man in a bear costume waving back at us from a landscape in the process of being consumed by black elipses/holes, expanding until the image disappears……the end of time.

The bear, casually leaning against a tree issues a warning from the animal and plant world…..we warned you, you fucked up, goodbye.”


Revolver : James Quin
6 August –  19 August 2009

The Lost Soul and Stranger Service station at The Bluecoat Old Barber Shop

In Revolver, painter James Quin brings together four artists for whom painting remains a prime concern, for whom the notion that painting has had its day has not registered on their collective radar.  Whilst all four artists concentrate on disparate painterly concerns and narratives, what they appear to have in common is a fascination with the materiality of paint and the modes of image making.

Coming up..

Hamish MacDonald:
20 August – 1 September
Private View: THURS 20 August, 18.00 – 20.00

Gareth Kemp:

3 – 15 September
Private View: THURS 3 September, 18.00 – 20.00
Bernadette O’Toole:
17 – 29 September
Private View: THURS 17 September, 18.00 – 20.00