Artwork of the Week – Dinky Toys


Liverpool artwork of the week 29. Green Flatbed Truck by Meccano Dinky Toys 1930s in the National Conservation Centre, Liverpool.

Something a bit different this week and maybe strictly speaking not an artwork but its cute and its in a museum. May not be on display but you can see a lot more from the objects gallery on the website.

Dinky toys from the 1930s like this flatbed truck were made by Meccano, one of the foremost toy manufacturers of the 20th century. Meccano produced these at their Liverpool Binns Road factory from 1934 until 1979. Some of the toys have corrosion of the ‘Mazak’ alloy they were made from, which has lead to cracks forming.

This corrosion cannot be stopped completely, but storing the models in low-oxygen and low-moisture sealed bags can slow it down.

Conservation Centre Objects Gallery