Artwork of the Week – Dan Hays

Liverpool artwork of the week 2009-11. ‘Harmony in Green’ by Dan Hays, John Moores Prizewinners at the Walker.

A reminder about this exhibition of all the John Moores Prizewinners 1957 – 2006

First prize (Purchase prize), John Moores 20, 1997

This painting has become a favourite with Gallery visitors. It demonstrates a traditional artistic concern with the truthful representation of visual reality. Hays adopts an unusually shallow perspective and an unusual treatment of the spaces between the bars. The colours form a random, harmonious pattern. He made the cage his height to create ‘a desirable space to occupy.’

Harmony in Green is the sub-title of a Monet water-lily painting. Hays recalled Impressionism as he worked on this, stating, “Green is the colour of nature.”

He was born in London and studied art there at Goldsmiths College. Since winning the John Moores Hays has exhibited internationally, and his work has been acquired by the Tate.