Artwork of the Week – Chris Mills


Liverpool artwork of the week, No. 4. ‘Island Complex’ by Chris Mills at Artfinder Gallery until March 4 2008

Chris Mills has a very fine solo exhibition at Artfinder. Appropriately titled ‘Imagined Landscapes’ its a good representation of his recent work. I like the use of colours and its nearly-but-not-quite-graphic look.

Artfinder is now open Wednesday 9.00-19.00 and View by appointment all other days
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Chris says
‘My work depicts images of isolated and precarious natural landscapes containing man made structures representing real and imagined utopias and dystopias.

I tend to use real life urban and rural landscapes and architecture which I have witnessed first hand as a staring point but often add, exaggerate or simplify features until the painting often no longer resembles that original source. Features such as qualities of natural and man made light, colour, movement, perspective and scale feature heavily as does the influence of modernist architecture. I am also trying to make distinctions between so called ‘high art’ and ‘popular images’ within a subject matter (the landscape) which carries an immense art historical burden.’