Artwork of the Week – Carol Ramsay

Liverpool artwork of the week 2010-45. ‘Stereo-tastic’ installation by Carol Ramsay in ‘With These Walls We Are Shaped’  at Wolstenholme Creative Space, 28 October – 28 November 2010

squat-logo-150Part of an excellent show at Wolstenholme that explores the gallery as a building, as a provocation, as a creative space in response to the Liverpool Biennial Touched theme.

Stereo-tastic‘ plays music which was recorded at live gigs within WCS. The piece represents and reacts to the music, a visually explosive resonance and invites the viewer to walk through the installation to hear and be surrounded by the space and sound.

At present, Carol also has excellent works in the Bridewell and the Lauries Centre. See website

With These Walls We Are Shaped

28 October – 28 November 2010
This exhibition, curated by Priya Sharma and Caroline Smith, will showcase the artists’ varying concepts and reactions to such a unique environment. They explore being touched by both the walls of the places and environments we inhabit, as well as the walls and structures we create within our awareness in relation to others, feelings and communication.
The gallery’s second installment for the Biennial Programme invites 14 established artists selected by open submission: to create site-specific work within the gallery’s crumbling walls.
Artists: Michael Coombs (UK), Henrietta Simson (UK), David Eveleigh and Melissa Evans (UK), Su-Chen Hung (USA), Andrew Brookfield (UK), Junichrio Iwase (Canada), Ulrike Oeter (Germany), Cait Walker and Robin Heap (UK), Carol Ramsay (UK), Hannah Wiles (UK), Claire Freeman (UK).