Artwork of the Week – Cao Fei

Coaplayers c. Cao Fei


Liverpool artwork of the week 2010-1. ‘Cosplayers’ (2004) video by Cao Fei in ‘Space Invaders: Art and the Computer Game Environment’ at FACT, 18 December 2009 to 21 February 2010.

I had not heard of COSPlay before seeing this video at FACT. You can read more about it on Cao Fei’s website. In some ways its quite sad but I enjoyed the video and thought it would be cool to see a few of these characters acting out their fantasies around the streets of Liverpool. Actually in recent years we have been following the exploits of Mothman portrayed by local artist Tony Knox.

Cao Fei, one of China’s most acclaimed young artists, presents film installation COSplayers (2004). COSPlay, short for ‘Costume Play’ captures this growing trend in Asian countries of bringing virtual battles to life. Set in the artist’s hometown of Guangzhou, the video follows a group of teenagers who act out an elaborate drama dressed in martial arts from their favourite computer games and animations.

Space Invaders: Art and the Computer Game Environment
18 December 2009 – 21 February 2010

Part of a season of gaming at FACT, Space Invaders: Art and the Computer Game Environment is a group exhibition exploring the increasingly blurred boundaries between videogame spaces and real spaces. From the detailed, complex worlds of Grand Theft Auto to zen gaming and augmented reality, the exhibition brings together world renowned new media artists and innovative games designers who are pushing the limits of the medium.