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Artwork of the Week – Bernadette O’Toole


Liverpool artwork of the week 2009-38. ‘Untitled’ oil on board by Bernadette O’Toole at Lost Soul and Stranger Service Station 17-29 September 2009

The Bernadette O’Toole exhibition is the last in the ‘Revolver’ series of 4 painters curated by James Quin at this venue. An excellent series it has been, we’ve looked forward to our fortnightly installment and will miss it when it ends this week. I do hope there are more good shows lined up for the gallery.

The work pictured here is Bernadette’s most recent and relates to the sheets of paper which are on the gallery floor (try not to step on them). Some of her earlier work which featured in the Bluecoat is on display too. The techniques involved and resulting effects are fascinating.

Bernadette O’Toole’s work is founded on a keen awareness of the spaces, landscapes and architecture she encounters. O’Toole’s meticulously constructed lattice work of lines do not describe these encounters literally but rather present an irregular matrix of shifting and colliding planes.

The Lost Souls and Stranger Service station @ the Bluecoat

Old Barber shop, School Lane
Open: Thursday 4 August – Tues 29 September
Opening Times : 10.00 – 18.00  Tuesday – Sat or by appointment

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