Artwork of the Day – Victoria Hepworth


Liverpool artwork of the day – Thursday April 19 2007. ‘Weeping Willow’ by Victoria Hepworth at Almiro Gallery.

Victoria’s solo exhibition at Almiro in Waterloo opens tomorrow night – Friday April 20th 2007 at 18.00.

Victoria Hepworth is a local Liverpool artist who after graduating from Staffordshire University, is now stepping out into the world of art.

Her work consists of abstract paintings were she has explored the use of acrylic paint combined with watercolours, creating textures that form the main structure in her paintings.

The technique is primarily what Victoria has a keen interest in, and how the manipulation of the paint creates textures and colours that take the form of landscapes, seascapes and waterscapes.

Victoria’s paintings have a simplistic approach which penetrates into the inner naivety taking the principles of traditional art and allowing the imagination to create the viewers own reflection of representing and balancing their own notion of reality.