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Artwork of the Day – ‘The Triumph of Fortitude’


Liverpool artwork of the day – Thursday May 24 2007. ‘The Triumph of Fortitude’ Flemish (Brussels) Wool and silk, 411 x 533cm in The Walker

Fortitude‘ is another way to describe courage or strength in the face of adversity. The Walker’s tapestry, ‘The Triumph of Fortitude’, shows a range of Biblical and classical characters who showed outstanding bravery or heroism in dangerous and difficult situations – they are examples of fortitude.

Walker Art Gallery’s ‘Triumph of Fortitude’ is a large tapestry, more than four metres by five metres, with a rich and complex design. The characters and symbolism contained within the tapestry would have been familiar to its ‘educated’ 16th century audience.

They would have been able to read it almost as we read a book. Here you can find out about what they saw and understood as they admired its wealth of detail.

More details about this and other tapestries on the Walker website