Artwork of the Day – The Black Moss at FACT

juneau-projects-logo.jpgLiverpool Artwork of the Day – Wednesday January 17 2007. The Black Moss, logo for juneau/projects/ at FACT

You see this hanging on the wall as you enter Gallery 2 upstairs at FACT. Inside we see an area set out for a rock band to perform – full drum kit, guitars, microphones etc. but no musicians. However, once the sensors detect the presence of an audience the music starts up. This along with photographs, costumes and logos is the result of juneau/projects/ working with two youth groups in Birmingham to create imaginary bands Ebony Angels and The Embers.

Also in Gallery 2 is ‘Beneath the floorboards of the forest, empty space’ which looks really interesting but is actually a painfully slow interactive text-based computer game. The whole space has a sort of Brazilian jungle effect with moss, mushrooms, plants and twigs everywhere including around the workstations.

In Gallery 1 is ‘Jungle Jam’ which is the latest musical experiment from Brazilian sound artist Chelpa Ferro, commissioned by FACT. The large gallery space is empty apart form a series of about 30 black and white plastic backs attached to small motors on the walls. These are activated by a computer at the far end of the room. At intervals, one, a few, several or all the bags will spin around at high-speed making a energetic rustling noise.

At first we thought the bags were activated by our moving around so we ran about wildly and it seemed to work but in fact the whole procedure is pre-programmed, a 10 minute repeating cycle. It all looks very simple but I found it interesting and fun.

In the Media Lounge is another commission by juneau/projects/ called ‘Instincts are misleading (you shouldn’t think what you’re feeling’). The room devoted to wildlife, featuring animation, video and masses of hand-made creatures. It also includes music written by the artist. It was performed at the opening in December which we missed.
Visitors can make their own little creatures from a selection of bits and pieces which can be put on show and maybe included into the animation.

Look out for the pigeons dotted around the building during this exhibition which ends on Sunday Jan 21 2007

‘Jungle Jam’ by Chelpa Ferro and ‘The Black Moss’ by juneau/projects/ at FACT – December 8 2006 to January 21 2007