Artwork of the Day – Sue Ironfield


Liverpool artwork of the day – Friday December 7 2007. ‘Harmonic Bells’ by Sue Ironfield at The Grange until December 22 2007

Sue Ironfield – takes up in a new form the tradition of panting which emulates music, with its expressive language, in order to reach a meaningful abstraction. She is stimulated by the qualities of intervals – octave, fifth, third, etc. These emerge in the natural harmonic series or overtone row. Intervals are the building-blocks of music and represent universal principles of order-in –chaos.

Her springboard was Johannes Kepler’s analogy in his Weltharmonik or Harmonic Theory of the Universe of 1619 between intervals and polygons. These figures are shown by Sue to evolve from the fission of the circle, forming a mandorla or almond shape, and iconographic element sometimes shown as a face. Sometimes a Yin-Yang curve instigates division and growth.

These heartfelt abstractions become dynamic, with strong line and vibrant expressive colour, and are enriched by various symbolic allusions.

The simple number series of the intervals, 1 2 3 4 5 etc. with their crystalline forms, are then connected to the Fibonacci series, 1 2 3 5 8 etc., a formula for growth related to the Golden Section.

Sue Ironfiled – was born in Accrington, Lancashire in 1945. Studied languages and music at the University of Liverpool, and write a Doctoral thesis on the artistic ideas of Berlioz (referred). Painted and exhibited continuously from 1976. Lived in Dusseldorf, from 1985 to 2007. Is now also writing poetry again, including a long series on the astrological signs. 2007 exhibiton.htm