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Liverpool artwork of the day – Friday June 1 2007. ‘More Than Words’ by Susan Clayton. Liverpool John Moores Fine Art Degree Show, 2a Myrtle St until June 15.

One of a pair of large pictures of her two sons by Sue Clayton. From a distance they look like normal drawings, close up they look like they’ve been printed onto the canvas but they have actually been drawn directly onto the canvas with a pen and the pictures are made from words.

The text is about her children, memories, reflections on being a parent and her own childhood. You couldn’t actually stand there and read it like a book, it just looks like lots of words, a neat idea beautifully executed and quite moving too.

Lots of very good works in the JMU degree show, filled up my camera memory card again. Report to follow.


  1. What supurb pictures of Susan Claytons two sons. The work is bold and evocative, filled as it is with such memories.
    Well done and looking forward to seeing more inspiring work from Susan.

  2. “a neat idea beautifully executed”
    These pictures are awesome. Bold and intricate to say the least!
    PS, Eliza, what gives?
    It’s nice to be nice, didn’t you get the memo?

    I really love your work Susan, keep up the good work.

  3. I might not know art but Im very impressed by the technical aspect of this. Did she have the outline then just start writing and the words so happened to fit the picture? Or did she have to spend considerable time moving them about like a jigsaw but without the picture as a guide!? Or did she have the piece of txt and then drew an outline to size? Did the her feelings an memories just flow or was there some real soul searching involved? Not being a parent, how much can I relate from a different perspective? Its enough to make me read it.

    Having seen some of her other work Im sure the boys likeness will be spot on.
    But more importantly than any of the above, what a thing it will be for her boys to look at and read when they’re older. It seems rarer these days for kids and parents to be really close, especially the younger generation. Something like this will give the kids a real insight in to their mother, their mother when she was younger and many years before they will make an attempt to get to know her! Plus,its much more creative an aestheically pleasing than, say, an letter to be opened on the 18th birthday or something!
    Eliza may not get it, fair enough-thats art for you, but to me this is a really personal piece and I like it.


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