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Artwork of the Day – Straw Box


Liverpool artwork of the day – Wednesday December 5 2007. Straw Box made in France 1825 – 1875 in The Walker Craft & Design gallery

Straw work on wood and paper, made in France, 1825-1875

To decorate this box, straw has been dyed in different colours, cut into pieces, arranged in complex patterns and then fixed to its surface.

Given by Mr Brown Rigg 1955

The Craft & Design gallery is the first dedicated space for the decorative arts at the Walker Art Gallery.

On display are over 500 items covering all aspects of the decorative arts. Most of the pieces were made between the 17th and 20th centuries. Many of them have never been on public display before.

In the gallery you can see the objects both on their own and in the context of other cultures and times. Interactive displays complement the objects, explaining how they were made and used.

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