Artwork of the Day – Stewart Bale


Liverpool artwork of the day – Tuesday October 9 2007. Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, original building, 1930 from the Stewart Bale archive online exhibition – Maritime Museum

Looks more like a railway station or warehouse than a grand concert hall.

This picture shows the original Philharmonic Hall which burnt down in 1933. It recalls a very different building from its successor, somewhat square and uncompromising.

Find out about the history of the building on the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall website.

Temporary display
1 October 2007 to 6 January 2008


A small selection of copy prints of scenes of Liverpool from the Stewart Bale archive are on display outside the Maritime Archives and Library, on the second floor of the Merseyside Maritime Museum. The images on display are all taken from the recent series of online exhibition featured on this website.

Online exhibitions
A series of Stewart Bale online exhibitions has been added to the NML website to highlight the breadth of its subject matter. Each exhibition consists of six images, with a new exhibition added each month from April until September 2007. They cover the following themes in sequence:

* Waterfront, docks and shipping
* The Liverpool Blitz
* Entertainment (covering cinemas, theatres, leisure and outdoor pools)
* Work (covering engineering and construction, including the Queensway Mersey tunnel, shipbuilding and factories)
* Architecture (including both Liverpool cathedrals)
* Retail (including street scenes and vehicles)

Stewart Bale 2.0 – documenting Liverpool

In 2006 we invited amateur and professional photographers (including me) who use the web service Flickr to recreate Stewart Bale photographs from our collection. Each of the photographers was given a seven day deadline to photograph their subject. In the resulting online exhibition, Stewart Bale 2.0 – documenting Liverpool you can see the original photographs from the Stewart Bale archive alongside the modern versions of the same scenes.