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Artwork of the Day – Stanislaw Jan Krakiewicz


Liverpool artwork of the day – Thursday November 22 2007. ‘House with 3 Clouds’ by Stanislaw Jan Krakiewicz at The Grange until December 22 2007

Stanislaw Jan Krakiewicz (Stas) was born in 1964 in Liverpool, England from Polish immigrant parents fleeing from persecution in the Second World War. He has history of painting stretching back fifteen years, which has evolved stylistically and passionately through his varying arts practise.

Recently preferring to find inspiration from English Naïve art and Art Brute that has no need to show technical realism, with the belief that it gets in the way of the balancing act between concept, colour and form, he resolves his concepts through his fragmented dyslexic residual memory and revels artistically in its unexpected outcomes. His paintings imitate traditional technical influences from past masters, using layers of glaze over an impasto surface creating sumptuous textures.

The House Work’s series (which now also include Marine-Paintings) have large dominant skies with a low skyline that engulf and highlight the vulnerable focal point, a structure in a sparse colour plane. The large areas of colour reflect the connection with abstraction and colour fields and the representation of iconographical objects such as homes and buildings. The finished paintings are left with a freshness that reflects the influence of his faux primitive style. These dwellings are an ongoing exploration based on the theme of homes that embraces Stas’s interest in buildings.

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