Artwork of the Day – Samuel Walters


Liverpool artwork of the day – Friday July 13 2007. The Port of Liverpool, 1836 by Samuel Walters (1811 – 1882) Oil on canvas. In Merseyside Maritime Museum

There is a fine selection of maritime paintings at The Maritime Museum.

This finely detailed view of Liverpool includes, on the left, the long wall of Princes Dock (1821) with the masts of numerous ships safely berthed in the dock itself. Behind is the dome of St Paul’s Church. On the waterfront are various warehouses including the Goree, the church of St Nicholas and the low classical front of the Public Baths to the right. Behind is the dome of the Town Hall.

Walters chooses a stormy day for his painting. Several vessels are battling against a northerly gale during the high waters of a spring tide.

Maritime Museum