Artwork of the Day – Pauline Keaney

dokos-triptych.jpgLiverpool Artwork of the day – Thursday January 18 2007. ‘Dokos Triptych’ by Pauline Keaney at Cornerstone

Pauline Keaney‘s solo exhibition ‘Rocks etc…’ curated by Editions Gallery opens at the Cornerstone, Hope University Gallery tonight at 18.00. Runs from January 19 to February 16 2007

Pauline Keaney was born in Liverpool and studied at the Slade School of Art before embarking on a career teaching that ran parallel with a successful series of international exhibitions of her work.
Pauline moved to the Greek island of Hydra nine years ago and the landscape and environment of the place has populated her work since then.

“I realised that the landscape of Hydra is essentially about rock and, indeed, Hydra itself is a huge rock. And so I paint rock and reflected rock. In rock I have found all the elements that can obsess an artist – Colour, Form, Light, Texture. In my rock paintings I have tried to use a painterly language to interpret all of these things. But ultimately it’s paint on canvas and the surface of the canvas is everything. I hope my paintings are beautiful surfaces.”
Pauline Keaney, 2005