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Artwork of the Day – Paul Elliker

Mambo-Nomads-230.jpgLiverpool artwork of the day – Wednesday March 21 2007. ‘Mambo Nomads’ by Paul Elliker

This large Acrylic work featured in the John Moores Painting Prize 23 in 2004. I don’t know where it is now though. Elliker’s work sells well mostly through Eyestorm

In his statement Paul says
“The culture in which I live has developed the idea of what I will call landscape templates. These landscape templates are in place and ready to act for anyone as backdrops for products, or, as the product itself. Found in almost any location or medium these templates are heavily contrived and embedded in our cultural consciousness. Landscape templates are now so prevalent; it is not uncommon for one to look at any given natural scene and to subsequently tap into one of the many stereotypical landscape templates available. This framing and familiarising of the natural scene is something that I try to use to my advantage when making my landscape paintings.”