Artwork of the Day – Nicole Bartos


Liverpool artwork of the day – Monday June 18 2007. ‘Rooted Thoughts’ mixed media by Nicole Bartos at The Grange until June 30 2007

One of a series of small works with memorabilia covered in wax with a series of pins protruding. These are part of a retrospective of Nicole’s work which is spread around the several rooms of her huge Victorian house adjacent to the gates of Sefton Park.

Along with Bartos’ work there is an eclectic collection of artworks by many local and international artists.

The exhibition is entitled ‘Living With Art And Energies’ and all the work is for sale with profits going to charity.

Local artists exhibiting:
Julie Anderson, Richard Ashworth, Nicole Bartos, Kate Dadiani, Fonchon Frohlich, Pamela Holstein, Barbara Jones, Sarah Nicholson, Nathan Pendlebury, Arthur Roberts, Claire Stringer, Xia Lu, Margaretha Schöning, Sylwia Kajdanska.

International artists exhibiting: Nagachoo, Lucia Lobont, Andrea Szocs, Andra (Felicia Predescu), Radu Bimbea, Doina Stici, Andras and Judith Koncz-Munich, Adel Kiss, Melinda Farkas, Ovidiu Muraru, Marius Georgescu, Dorel Gaina, Emil Moritz, Andor Komives, Eugen Savinescu.

The Grange is at 36 Ullet Road, Liverpool and will be open 14.00 – 18.00 each day except Wednesday and Sundays when it is closed or by appointment.

Contact (mentioning exhibition):