Artwork of the Day – Mike Absalom


Liverpool artwork of the day – Thursday October 4 2007. ‘Derby Square, Liverpool’ by Mike Absalom at View Two Gallery until November 4 2007

Part of a new exhibition entitled ‘My Irish Eyes on Liverpool Again’, Mike Absalom now lives in Co. Mayo, Ireland but visits Liverpool often.

After a lifetime roaming the globe as a successful singer/songwriter, Mike Absalom returned to his roots in Ireland and has become a successful artist, painting the people and places of his family’s past.

This year he set off from his studio in County Mayo on a pilgrimage to visit and paint some of the other places that once played a significant part in his life, to see how they had changed and to find out how he felt about them and himself forty years on.

Liverpool, on its 800th birthday, was one of these places and his journey has yielded stunning paintings of place and identity. Expressions of a past that remains, soaked into the stones, ready to remind of what once was, but also suggest what might be.

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