Artwork of the Day – Michael Peto

© University of Dundee

Liverpool artwork of the day – Thursday October 11 2007. ‘Interview with The Beatles’ Now these days are gone – The Beatles photographs of Michael Peto at The National Conservation Centre, Liverpool. 18 August 2007 to 2 March 2008

This exhibition features recently rediscovered photographs that have never been shown in Liverpool before, all of which were taken during the filming of The Beatles film ‘Help!’ in 1965.

The pictures show The Beatles off guard and behind the scenes at a time when most professional photographers only had access to them at carefully managed photo calls. Nobody knows how Peto secured such unfettered access to the most famous group in the world, but these photos provide a fascinating insight into The Beatles at work and off duty.

One of the great photo journalists of the 1960s, Michael Peto left 130,000 prints and negatives to the University of Dundee when he died in 1970. They were then archived and lay forgotten until their rediscovery in 2004.