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Artwork of the Day – Love Tormenting the Soul

love_torments_soul.jpgLiverpool art of the day – Wednesday February 14 2007. Love (or Cupid) cherishing the soul while preparing to torment it – John Gibson (1790 – 1866) – Marble
at The Walker Art Gallery

Its Valentine day so we have to have a lovey romantic item for today.

With the added bonus that if you have forgotten (or you’re too lazy) to go out and get something for your loved-one then in a flash you can send this image as an email Valentine greeting. How romantic is that? Me and Mrs J are more practical, we had a couple of Ants named after us

In Gibson’s statue, which is also known by the shorter title Love tormenting the soul, the human soul is symbolised by the butterfly on Cupid’s breast which is about to be subjected to Love’s arrow.

Gibson’s design, related to Thorvaldsen’s Cupid Triumphant, was first executed at the Royal Academy in 1839. Several versions were made, including this one for Richard Vaughan Yates, the Liverpool merchant.

This statue is on display in the sculpture gallery at the Walker Art Gallery.
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