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Artwork of the Day – Louise Morgan

tokyo-street.jpgLiverpool artwork of the day – Tuesday March 27 2007. ‘Tokyo Street’ in ‘Home and Away’ by Louise Morgan at Editions until April 21 2007

Louise Morgan’s work appears regularly in publications like the Guardian magazine, the New Statesman and the Evening Standard as well as popping up in Sainsbury’s magazine and Hugh Johnsons New World Atlas of Wine.

Louise graduated from Wrexam College in 1991 and since then has developed her own instantly recognisable style that has been constantly in demand by magazines and book publishers. The originals of her published pieces have always been sought after by a growing band of collectors who recognise a great talent for capturing the mood and character of buildings with an economy of line and imaginative use of colour.

This exhibition of work. is a travelogue of buildings from Liverpool streets to scenes from Tokyo all rendered in her energetic pen, ink and wash style.