Artwork of the Day – Lars Tunbjork

tunbjork1-200.jpgLiverpool artwork of the day – Friday February 9 2007. ‘Untitled’ by Lars Tunbjork at Open Eye until April 5 2007.

Also today (Friday) at 12.30 Lars Tunbjörk will be in the gallery to introduce his exhibition and talk about his unique approach to colour documentary photography, with opportunities for questions and discussion.

After the event Lars Tunbjörk will be signing copies of his book Office, which will be available on the day for £37.00 (usual price £42.00)
Free event

This is the first solo show in the UK of the work of Swedish photographer Lars Tunbjörk. Tunbjörk’s photographs portray aspects of modern urban life, above all issues related to the spaces in which many of us spend most of our lives: the office and the home. This exhibition features three recent bodies of work: Office, Dom Alla and Madrid 2004.

In Office (2001) Lars Tunbjörk looks at the world of office work in Japan, North America and Sweden. His images present a uniform workplace, bleakly furnished and banal, the inhabitants of which struggle to express their individuality.

Dom Alla (All Those, 2002) is a journey through the Swedish welfare system. Working in five cities across Sweden, Tunbjörk met and photographed people in welfare offices, shelters for homeless people, and drug rehabilitation units.

The last series, Madrid 2004, focuses on the presence of nature in our built environment. These photographs were shot in newly-built residential spaces on the outskirts of Madrid, where the only remnants of nature are the weeds that survive in cracks in the sidewalk or peep out from beneath rocks. Tunbjörk also examines our attempts to recreate nature in paltry gardens and decorative borders, examples of the developers’ disdain for anything that is peripheral to their drive for profit.