Artwork of the Day – Ladies Night Dance Programme

ladies_night_programme.jpgLiverpool artwork of the day – Tuesday February 27 2007. ‘Ladies Night’ Dance Programme from the Maritime Archives and Library.

Ok, not the greatest piece of art in the NML collection but its amusing and interesting.
I like the rules, sounds like normal procedure any night at the Magnet to me.

Ladies night dance programme, 1970s

It can be difficult to find that special someone, especially if you are a shy person in an unfamiliar place like a cruise liner. In the 1970s the British India Steam Navigation Company (P&O), encouraged passengers to mingle with each other, and maybe even find romance, at Ladies nights and other similar themed events.

You might think that the female passengers on a Ladies night would be pampered and spoilt by attentive men all evening. However, the rules listed on the back of the dance programme would suggest quite the opposite:


1. The evening shall be known as Ladies night .
2. The Ladies shall at all times seek out the gentlemen for partners.
3. The Ladies shall make sure the gentlemen are always comfortably seated.
4. The Ladies shall ascertain that the gentlemen’s cigars are always alight and that a glass of their favourite beverage is always at hand.
5. The Ladies shall behave with decorum at all times.’

It is hard to imagine ladies on a night out in the 21st century adhering to a set of rules like this, especially the last one!

Inside the programme is a list of dances with space for the ladies to write the name of their dance partner for each one:

1. Opening Quick Step
2. Waltz
3. Modern Mixture
4. Old Tyme Selection – Veleta, St Bernard’s Gay Gordons
5. Fox Trot
6. Interval Waltz

Interval for 15 minutes

7. Quick Step
8. Latin American Mixture
9. Modern Mixture
10. Old Tyme Waltz
11. Foxtrot
12. The Last Waltz