Artwork of the Day – Kathryn Kimber

bloom.jpgLiverpool artwork of the day – Wednesday August 1 2007. ‘Bloom’ by Kathryn Kimber

Kathryn is a recent JMU graduate and addition to the artinliverpool artists directory.

Her work is available through dot-art as well as her own website:

As well as fine paintings like this one she specialises in installations involving paper and textiles.

My installations and sculptures are centred around order, repetition, structure and control. Seemingly strong but fragile, pieces appears complicated but when taken apart are made from a number of basic units.

I undertake processes which cannot be done by machine and so are laboriously handmade, there are a number of carefully calculated steps, and this sense of precision almost blinds me to the final piece until it is completed.

It is obsessive and frustrating. There is a delicacy in the visual language being employed- though there is a tension in this delicacy created by their large physical scale.

Fragile but absolute.