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Artwork of the Day – Jon D Nash


Liverpool artwork of the day – Wednesday September 19 2007. ‘Cityscape in Red’ by Jon Nash at Red Dot Exhibitions

The Red Dot exhibition ‘Signpost’ finishes on Saturday Sept 22 2007 with a closing party (16-20.00) at the Henry Street Gallery, which is located at the back of the former Big Issue building on Duke Street.
It features a selection of photographs by Jon D Nash who also organised the exhibition. I don’t think this one is on show but you can see it on the red-dot website

The show also features some fine works by Richard Ashworth, Claire Chambers, Nicola Fitzsimmons and Claire Stringer.

Jon says
‘My work is varied. I am compelled to create ‘stuff’. My background is in painting and my foreground is in photography. Within my involvement in traditional photography to conceptual sculptures I try and let the artworks suggest themselves, refining them till I am satisfied.

My majority of my artworks have no overt narrative or meaning. I much prefer to hear the viewers interpretation. I find constant inspiration through nature and people, the ideas and images are my vehicles of communication.’