Artwork of the Day – John Guy

john-guy-1.jpgLiverpool artwork of the day – Friday January 26 2007. Auschwitz – Echoes of Sorrow by John Guy a Dot-Art Exhibition at The Holiday Inn, Lime Street.

Tomorrow, Saturday January 27 2007 is Holocaust Memorial Day so it seems appropriate to have this as our image of the day over this weekend.

Sixty years on, the grim legacy of the Auschwitz death camp still resonates through history. With Holocaust Memorial Day (January 27th) imminent, Liverpool photographer John Guy seeks to document the scene of one of the world’s most hideous acts by going beyond the clichés.

So often shot solely in black and white, Auschwitz Echoes of Sorrow features startling colour photographs mixed with atmospheric mono pictures of the camp’s buildings, surroundings and the artefacts now preserved within it.

The vivid blues of the Polish winter sky above the camp’s iconic gates contrast with the gloomy atmosphere of sepia photographs taken deep in the complex. Juxtaposing close-ups of symbols of captivity and cruelty against wider portraits of the surrounding scenery creates an account of Auschwitz that stands out in its sincerity and depth.

Auschwitz – Echoes of Sorrow is open to the public from Friday January 26th until Thursday February 8th 2007 in The Holiday Inn on Lime Street