Artwork of the Day – Jacqueline Rainford


Liverpool artwork of the day – ‘Untitled’ by Jacqueline Rainford, printed textile book, in the MA by Creative Practice 2007 show at Cornerstone, Hope University until Friday October 5 2007

My picture doesn’t do the work justice, its on the floor and runs the length of the balcony in front of the main hall and there is a similar piece on the mezzanine floor. Although it takes up a lot of space its a nice idea, a montage of different media printed onto cloth telling of personal experiences and memories of the artist’s life.

The exhibition ‘First Sight’ is the outcome of the first group of students to complete the new MA by Creative Practice. An excellent idea, what could be better for artists than a course where you end up producing works of art that the public can admire rather than a theoretical tome.

The exhibition only lasts one week and all the work is interesting, don’t miss the jewellery and ceramics on the ground floor especially Bowei Liang’s wonderfully elegant tea set.

Artists: Gavin Arner, Nicolette Bennett, Robert Bryson, Katy Burns, Gavin Donnegan, Emma Gilmour, Sarah Lawton, Bowei Liang, Jacqueline Rainford and Louise Waller.


Cornerstone Gallery at Hope University