Artwork of the Day – George Jones


Liverpool artwork of the day – Tuesday October 16 2007. ‘Tin Bath’ from Halcyon Days by George Jones at 3345 Parr Street

George Jones is one of Liverpool’s finest and most experienced artist / illustrators so its good to see his work on the walls for the public to see. ‘Halcyon Days’ is all very recent work with a sense of humour depicting childhood past, in the days before central heating, en-suite bathrooms and computers.

There is a private viewing tonight from 18.00 at 3345 Parr Street.

‘When Summers were hot and it snowed
almost every Winter…

Halcyon Days takes a retrospective look
back to times of tin baths,
toilets at the bottom of the yard and
spiders on the whitewashed wall!


Here are the childhood memories
of the artist and maybe yours too!

What did kids get up to before X Box,
Playstations and DVD players?

Halcyon Days is the first part in a series
of illustrations taking you back to a more
innocent time’