Artwork of the Day – Frederic Leighton


Liverpool artwork of the day – Wednesday May 23 2007. ‘Perseus and Andromeda’ 1891 Frederic Leighton (1830 – 1896) Oil on canvas, 235 x 129.2cm at The Walker

For some reason Greece is on my mind today, so here’s a painting depicting a popular Greek myth.

Andromeda, daughter of the Queen of Ethiopia, was tied to the rocks as a sacrifice to the sea monster sent by Neptune to ravage the country. She was rescued by Perseus, who eventually married her. Perseus is shown riding on his winged horse Pegasus, having already shot an arrow into the monster.

The contorted pose of Andromeda within the twisted coils of the monster is typical of Leighton‘s late style. Such sophisticated linear rhythms and intricate designs were highly praised by critics in 1891. Perseus and Andromeda was a popular subject for artists at this time so formal elements such as these were considered important.

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