Artwork of the Day – David Hall


Liverpool artwork of the day – Thursday August 30 2007. David Hall. A Situation Envisaged: The Rite II (Cultural Eclipse) – Video Positive 1989. In Re: [Video Positive] Archiving Video Positively Between 1989 and 2000 at FACT August 31 – November 4 2007

Members Viewing tonight for this exhibition which re-stages key works from past video-positive shows including this work by David Hall.

A video installation commissioned for the first Video Positive Festival, the work consists of 15 monitors as a single block close to a wall. All but one face the wall and are not seen. In the centre, on the only screen to be seen, is a 30 line image of the moon shot on a camera/scanner identical to that used by JL Baird in the 1920s

FACT will also be launching FACT Online, one of the biggest databases of video and new media art in the country. At its launch it will contain the works, artists and information of all the commissions for The Video Positive Festivals. It will be a key moment in the history of UK video art; the artists that use FACT for their expertise in staging and helping to produce work are now working with the organisation to add their works to a database for people to view.