Artwork of the Day – ‘Conversation’


Liverpool artwork of the day – Wednesday July 25 2007. ‘Conversation’ by Burn and The Public at Site Gallery, Albert Dock until August 12 2007

Well, this is what it looked like last night but it will have changed already as visitors add more cards to the structure. I’ve made my contribution to the artwork, my answers are in there somewhere. Questions change each day so I’m sure I’ll be back to see how its grown, it’ll be great if it reaches the ceiling!

What makes you angry? Have you lied today? Should we have a national clown day?

Award winning graphic design studio Burn is starting an interactive conversation with the city by taking over Site, the art space established in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Biennial and the Albert Dock Company.

Every day visitors to Site will answer questions using words and/or drawing. The coloured cards on which they’re written will form a sculpture – the answers determining the shape and direction in which it evolves.

Day by day this visual conversation will grow from a whisper – the gallery will be virtually empty at the start of the exhibition – to a roar – as the installation grows to around 8,000 blocks, covered in the thoughts and illustrations of visitors to the Albert Dock.

Graphic artist Sam Wiehl explains:

“We have no predetermined ideas for what Conversation will look like and we won’t control how it develops. It will quite simply grow organically like a real conversation. People will be able to add their blocks wherever they like, in whatever direction or location they choose. We’ll react to each day’s events by asking new questions, hopefully sending the following day’s public voice into new conversational directions.