Artwork of the Day – Colouring in Sheet

mermaid.jpgLiverpool artwork of the day – Wednesday November 21 2007. Mermaid Colouring In Sheet at Maritime Museum

Really high art today and its interactive too!
You just have to download it from the NML website, print it off and then colour it in.

I would have had a go myself but too pressed for time at the moment.
This is actually from the new Sea Urchins children’s play area.

Sea Urchins
Early years play area

Hey kids! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sail the ocean and hunt for buried treasure?

Travel under the sea and play on a desert island with marvellous mermaids, mischievous monkeys, shipwrecked sailors and a parrot called Marcus!


Dress up and become a lobster, a mermaid, a sailor or even a pirate!

You can do all this and more at the Merseyside Maritime Museum’s new play area for families with young children, age eight and under.

There‚Äôs lots to do, with plenty of free activities inspired by the objects in the museum including costumes, activity sheets and story books. You can find out how heavy a diver’s helmet is, ring the ship’s bell or take the helm at a ship’s wheel.

Sea Urchins is on the first floor of Merseyside Maritime Museum, in the Lifelines gallery.

Maritime Museum