Artwork of the Day – Claire Weetman


Liverpool artwork of the day – Monday May 28 2007. Untitled by Claire Weetman, ‘Lines of Investigation’ at Unit 8, Albert Dock until June 10 2007

Claire Weetman has been drawing figures onto the glass window of this temporary gallery space at the Albert Dock as part of the Lines of Investigation exhibition by four North West artists who respond to the shapes of visitors as they walk past the gallery.

Visitors will be able to meet the artists as they work, view existing pieces and provide them with inspiration. All new works will be completed by 31 May in time for a private view of the exhibition.

Artist Claire Weetman will produce striking drawings onto glass, capturing the outline of passers by. Textile artist Cathy Rounthwaite will explore the game of Cats Cradle, creating a sculptural installation using lengths of fabric. Dave Bixter will develop new drawings that record the natural movement of the body through space and time. Barbara Lamb will showcase a range of paintings inspired by research into the movement of cranes.