Artwork of the Day – Alex Corina


Liverpool artwork of the day – Friday April 27 2007. ‘Liverpool Scream’ by Alex Corina at Lark Lane Atelier. Viewing Saturday April 28 18-20.00

As well as being in the exhibition of works by Corina and Ian C Taylor at the Atelier this piece is actually Alex’s limited edition local council election campaign poster.

Its a nice idea – politics as art or the art of politics etc. Hope he does well but he’s standing as an independent and I’ll be voting Labour as always.

Voters in the Cressington ward in South Liverpool, where Corina is standing as an independent candidate, will this week receive a free A3 size poster of his latest work, “Liverpool Scream” to accompany his election manifesto.

Inspired by Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, Corina’s mixture of cartoon and collage highlights what he calls “Liverpool’s litany of letdowns” since it secured the Capital of Culture title in June 2003.

“Liverpool Scream” is a companion piece to Corina’s best known work, “Mona Lennon,” which portrayed Leonardo’s creation with the face of the former Beatle in a celebration of Scouse culture


  1. I think it’s great that Alex is standing.

    Like you I’ll be voting Labour and I expect my ward here in the north will do what Speke/Garston did in the recent by-election.

    The risk as I see it is that lots those in local government the electorate wish to punish have been wrapping themselves in the Culture flag. It’s important that people don’t blame Culture for those who have been holding Culture Year hostage.

    This, for me, is what makes Alex’s standing more than a stunt. It addresses an important need.

  2. I also thing it is great that Alex is making a stand. As a Garston (of the Speke/Garston)rather than Cressington resident I wish he was standing in my ward as there is a huge possibility that we will be terminally embarrased come 2008.


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