Another epic art trek today. Beans on Toast with black coffee for late breakfast at Tabac. Nothing arty about that (unless you count the huge fish tank), just wanted to recommend it. Then down to 32 Seel St. but they hadn’t opened. Artists lose all sense of time, they live in their own creative world where timepieces are used only as objects in surrealist landscapes. It was open later though so I’ll come back to that.

twoeightone presents: Transient

Except they didn’t! Or, not to me anyway. They were only here for this weekend in a small room in the Marriott Hotel. The receptionist kindly got a member of staff to let me in for a quick look but there was nothing much to report. They’re a collective based in Madchester so enough said.

Yours Faithfully

At the Museum of Liverpool Life. I was actually heading for the Independents area but went via the waterfront and spotted this new exhibition by students from 6 local schools. Its not Biennial, its ‘Year of Faith’ and I don’t have a single religious cell in my body (thank God) but its a lovely little exhibition and I learned that there’s a Baha’i Centre in Langdale Rd., I never knew that before.

Novas Building – New Stuff

So I eventually reached Greenland St., I was looking for a thing called FIT IN which was scheduled to start last week. But I couldn’t find it and no-one I asked knew anything about it s I’ll have to investigate that one another time
Happily though, there’s some new works in the Novas building. I don’t have their names, I couldn’t find any printed notes but its all very interesting. Watch out for giant spiders and barefooted loft monsters.


Another good bit of fortune as I was walking back along Jamaica St I noticed this exhibition which was supposed to finish yesterday was actually open. Of course, it hadn’t been open when I’d tried to see it previously at a time when it should have been open.

This is the theatre producer, Michael White’s collection of 40 years worth of every invitation, badge and guest pass he’s ever been sent. It was interesting to see how the styles had changed over the years.

Hello Sailor!

Back to 32 Seel St., another new exhibition. This is also part of the Homotopia festival and is an exhibition of Gay Art or rather an exhibition by gay/lesbian artists including Holly Johnson, Sadie Lee, Trademark and Gary Sollars who is also exhibiting in the transVoyeur section at the Novas building. Its a ‘carnivalesque cornucopia of Queer’ and is also rather good. There are also a pair of steam irons singing to each other! You have to get quite close to hear them. They’re singing ‘Somewhere’ from West Side Story – naturally.