There’s one bit of the Biennial I visit almost every day and yet I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it!

I call in to the Centre in Wood St. to see if there’s anything new on the notice board or leaflets on the shelves. I feel sorry for all the staff that work there, they’re friendly and helpful even when I ask for details of some obscure thing that’s not documented anywhere! But they have to share their space with some of the most boring artwork in the whole Biennial. They’re videos (of course) and the one by Santiago Sierra is of someone (actually 12 people working shifts) playing the bugle in Battery park for 24 hours. The only thing worse than hearing this non-stop all day would be having to watch it as well!
There’s another large screen video by Ursula Biemann tells the story of an asylum seeker and juxtaposes global container transport with human migration, I feel sleepy just writing about it.
More interesting is the large design for a campaign about teenage pregnancy by Andreja Kuluncic, I ignored it for weeks because I thought it was a real advert and I don’t see adverts.