Ah yes, wonderful Blackburne House,

Ah yes, wonderful Blackburne House, fond memories of teenage schoolgirls. My first girlfriend, Carolyn, was one of them. I was a pupil at the Institute boys school (now LIPA) across the road. We used to see each other on the bus which was great until we broke up then it got a bit awkward. I did the decent thing and took another route or even walked which meant I was often late for school. This annoyed the teachers, one thing led to another, so I’m failing at school and jilted in love, that girl ruined my life! Bastard Blackburne House, I hate you!
Er, anyway, the art’s nice and its a Womens Technology Centre now. Its an exhibition of 17 Romanian/Magyar artists in various media, its curated by Nicole Bartos who is exhibiting her own works from the 21st at the St Petersburg restaurant. There’s painting, some very delicate ceramics, mixed media and photography including some that were tucked into some rather nice corduroy shirts! (see pic)
I was trying to work out if there’s a particularly Romanian/Hungarian flavour to it but I’m not sure, individual pieces don’t seem that much different from what I normally see round here but I think my overall first reaction was that of being in a foreign gallery
Its not often we get the chance to see work from this part of Europe, its not in the Biennial guide book but details are on the website