To Swim to Hilbre Island by Gill Curry
To Swim to Hilbre Island by Gill Curry

I did say in an earlier post that you can rely on local printmakers to put on a good show and here’s more proof. Maybe the only problem I may have is over-familiarity with the art/artists, at least for me.

I haven’t seen Gill Curry‘s series of prints relating to the marine life around Hilbre Island before – very nice. I also like Anne Beare‘s richly coloured etchings of an old Oak Tree.  Also featuring works by Lisa Who, Mike Hatjoullis, Grace Horne and Eileen Summers.

A Sense of Place at Unity Theatre
12 January – 6 February 2010

Heralding in the New Year,  an exhibition of etchings, linocuts and screen prints by six artists living locally.