street-theatre17.00 – 22.00

Chance upon theatrical characters from Hope St Ltd as you travel through the city on LightNight…

Art House Square (near FACT), L1 4AZ
Meet the Bookworm, buried in her beloved books and stories, always in storytelling mode. Bring along a favourite book and share a few lines – or grab one you remember from the pile and read from it. This is story time for all!

Fortune by Numbers
Jamaica Street, L1 0AH
Play the Memory Game and find your fortune. A charismatic fortune teller will ask you to remember a significant number in your life and tell you your fortune. The numbers you remember and the stories they unearth will reveal something about you…not least, where you should go next on your LightNight adventure!

The Memory Bank
University Square – Opp. Victoria Gallery & Museum, Ashton St, L69 3DR
Share a favourite memory with the Memory Bankers who’ll store it in their special vault, along with hundreds of others! By the end of the evening there’ll be a huge collective store of memories. Follow the #LNMemoryDeposits live on Twitter

Visit to discover more from Hope Street as its celebrates its 25th birthday and look out for ‘On the Verge’ – a festival of new work by emerging artists in unusual spaces.


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