25 July 2014

Doors 8pm / 8.15pm prompt start / DJs and drinks from 10.30pm

Av. tickets £5 / £6 on door

The first event is hosted by Liverpool music and performance collective a.P.A.t.T.

Featuring spatialised sound / projection mapping / interactivity / personal and emotional discomfort / amorphous cluster chords / tuned percussion…

a.P.A.t.T’s new work acts as the frame for two new commissions taking place throughout the night, each reflecting on a central theme of control in relation to political and emotional agency.

a.P.A.t.T. respond to their relocation to the city’s industrial zone by becoming the warehouse machine itself, seizing the means of production and turning the ploughshares against themselves. As the State-Free State of a.P.A.t.T. Island, the musical performance group morphs into a martial micro-society headed by a benevolent dictator – a place where nothing is quite free… yet. Certainly not speech.


a radically dystopian vision of speech of movement exploring the dark materiality of control and dominance, powerlessness and neglect. Writing is uncreatively arranged in patches that eventually align as a series of assemblages incoherently responding to notions of supervision and renouncement. An unlikely sonic conversation accompanies a lost Cabaret score where dancers re-enact strict choreographies to an emerging text that spirals into a sequence of dark epiphanies. Double V-CUT is the X Factor on meth.

Text: Mark Greenwood/Nathan Jones

Music: Steve

Movement: Sarah Hume


In a work first shown as part of Light Night at FACT, glitch artist Antonio Roberts expands his practice of error, working in tandem with butoh inflected dance performed by Rachel Sweeney. Computer interface, digital image, human body and choreography are drawn into beautiful maelstrom of system error.

Plus DJs from The Hive Collective.

24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool / mercyonline.co.uk

Upcoming shows include:

21 August: Interactive room/instrument installation by Jamie Gledhill and Stefan Kazassoglou played by martial artist and poet SJ Fowler

6 September: Live performance by Holly Herndon followed by results of her residency with Mat Dryhurst

7 October: performance by Caroline Bergvall of her highly anticipated show Drift.