You Had to be There

Photo by Minako Jackson

Trust Stuart Burns to write the best review so far of the Capital of Culture 08 People’s Opening – and he didn’t even see it!

Which is a great shame. The national BBC TV should be ashamed of themselves. I bet they’ll broadcast the whole of the opening of the London Olympics live, of course they will even though its only a 2 week sporting event. The sport being trying to guess which athletes will be caught using drugs first.

It was a wonderful atmosphere, I’ll say more tomorrow maybe, I’m too tired now.

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  1. From Colin Serjent…

    With regard to the BBC2 programme shown on Sunday night showing the highlights of the Capital of Culture events held at St George’s Hall and the Arena, why was it presented by Lauren Laverne from Sunderland and Mark Radcliffe from Manchester? Why did the Beeb not use people from Liverpool to present the prog?

  2. Well Lauren’s the usual presenter of the programme and Mark Radcliffe is I think about the only BBC music personality from the North West — plus as he said in the programme he spent most of his formative musical years at Erics. I suspect if John Peel had been alive, bless him, he would have been the co-presenter though.

    Actually I thought The Culture Show did a decent job as they always do with these sorts of things — its about the only show on tv that treats the arts with some intelligence and good humour.


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