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World Firefighters Games in Liverpool 2008

wfglogo.jpgI’m sure most of you already signed up as 08 Ambassadors, now you can sign up to be a WFG Ambassador too. Another free badge, yay!

World Firefighters Games 2008 Programme

Liverpool is the place to be in 2008 when it plays host to the World Firefighters Games (WFG).

The Games are about sport, friendship, fun and fire safety with something for everyone – competitors and spectators alike. Staged from 24 August to 3 September 2008, 5,000 competitors, their families and supporters will enjoy the full social and family programme.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority is proud to host the 10th World Firefighters Games in 2008, and are keen to build on their reputation for innovation and excellence, working with partners and communities across Merseyside to deliver the best games yet.

You can play your part in the games by signing up to become a WFG Ambassador. By registering your interest as an 08 Ambassador and also opting in for additional WFG benefits you will have the added advantage of receiving information about the WFG programme and special pin badge in addition to the 08 Ambassador welcome pack.